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Vivian Meyer – Newhalk, CA

Flooring Type: Hardwood
Product: Walnut Hickory
Room: Living Room

I'm renovating my entire house by myself (3200sf). My husband helps with prep (which I greatly appreciate) but I'm gluing and nailing solid hardwoods in all my rooms and even the stairs. I'm a forty something-year-old woman and it's been hard work but the results are AMAZING! Everyone loves these floors. The staff at my local LL are such great guys they make me smile every time I visit with a silly (complicated to me) question I regularly throw at them. I've used the phone support as well and it saved me so much time. Phil (800-366-4204) walked me through adjusting my nail gun and who would've known that two pieces of duct tape (on my nail gun) would stop split tongues when nailing and make my project move along so much faster? Phil is awesome! I've upgraded my home and it feels so great knowing I did it myself! If I can do this...literally ANYONE can.



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