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Ken Greff – MUKILTEO, WA

Flooring Type: Hardwood
Product: 3/4" x 3-1/4" Select Brazilian Cherry
Room: Stairs

Project involved stairs and upper story bedroom/office. Total of 525 sq feet of pre-finished solid 3/4 in Bellawood Brazilian Cherry. The Bellawood product is very nice, and the finish is quite tough. The wood is very hard so not super easy to work with. I went through several saw blades, and the wood has a tendency to crack if not properly nailed and/or pre-drilled. Follow installation instructions carefully, the 18 gauge cleat nails did work best, with much less cracking of tongue. Also VERY important to VERY carefully inspect each board prior to installation. The instructions do call for proper lighting, and this is key, watch carefully which isn't easy to catch reflections from different angles when engaged in hard work of laying floor, yet this pre-finish does have a gloss so imperfections in a particular board do become noticeable. I caught and removed 3, but missed two. Overall quality of the product is quite good, and I found no problems with uniformity of milling. Grain variation and occasional flaw in finish was found, though this was easily less than the 5% waste called for in the product description. At the end we had very little waste, some simply due to being picky re: grain pattern etc, but there were some flaws in boards, so you want to pull them prior to installation. This is not an easy floor to install, but it is beautiful once completed, so give plenty of time, work carefully and you should do fine. The Bellawood product is clearly a top quality product, and from what I could tell many of the complaints noted by others are likely related to the nature of the wood itself, rather than any milling by Bellawood, and/or installation flaws. Again, Installation is not super easy so if you are not handy, consider a professional installer. Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.



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